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Corporate Relations Centre

The corporate relations center plays a critical role in integrating industry and academia by serving as a mentor or counselor to students, providing need-based education, and assisting organizations.Corporate Relations organized campus interviews, summer internships, and analyzed students' training needs in order to prepare them with the requisite qualifications for placements and internships in the future.

his is accomplished by serving as a liaison between corporations, students, and faculty, facilitating corporate interactions with students, imparting their perspectives, and assisting students in recognizing corporate demand. To accomplish this aim, CRC regularly invites executives from leading corporations to campus to share their perspectives on current business developments and economic conditions, thus strengthening IAMR's intellectual foundation.

Objectives of Corporate Relations Centre

  • Organizing sessions on current business issues, as well as discussions about career prospects, necessary skill sets, and work fit
  • Organizing periodic personality orientation courses
  • Mentoring Program for Students
  • Regular corporate interactions and industrial visits for students
  • Provide opportunities for students to gain experience in their chosen fields by enrolling in on- campus or off-campus specialized certification courses.

Pre-Placement Training

The PPT provides an opportunity for the business world to engage with students and get to know their potential candidates, both for summer and final placements. Organizations give a presentation that is critical in informing students about the organization, job and career growth. Traditional student questions such as work description, selection criteria, business culture, remuneration package, scope for development, and cross functional visibility are addressed.

Pre-Placement Activities

Guest Lectures: The HR professionals and other professionals are encouraged to share their professional experiences and business peculiarities with students, assisting them in better understanding the job market.

Workshops: In addition to theoretical expertise, practical experience is often necessary to gain a detailed understanding of the subject. Various technical workshops, conferences are held on a regular basis for these purposes.

Personality Development Programs

Personal development is just as important as practical knowledge. There are distinct faculties for the PDP session, and with the assistance of corporate experts, we continuously evaluate and train our students to perform beautifully in the market from the start of the session.

Mock Interview Sessions

Mock interview sessions are an important part of the PDP, during which students are required to participate in mock interviews in order to prepare for the final placement. Additionally, students are instructed to prepare a variety of general and subject-specific questions in acing the final interviews with the companies.

Industrial Visits

The primary objective of the industrial visits is to acquire a thorough understanding of the theoretical concepts. The introduction to industrial processes and the surrounding environment provides the student with a holistic view of the whole processes.

Summer Internship is a required component of the MBA Program and is highly regarded for its importance to management education. Summer Internship is a necessary component of the MBA program between the first and second year. Students are put in various organizations for approximately 8-10 weeks on a particular project related to their areas of specialization. It allows students to put theoretical concepts learned in class on the given project, as well as explore connections between various roles and gain a practical managerial perspective on organizations in reality. Students are expected to submit a report as part of the assignment and have to make presentations to the company and faculty that serve as the foundation for evaluating their project work. Each year, the summer internship begins in April.

The Internship Program operates on a number of projects that help students advance their careers and increase their corporate visibility. Our student interns have worked on a variety of projects, including sales, customer behavior, branding, financial analysis, the recruiting process, and compensation and benefits. Internship projects can range from working on assessing customer delight to product launch to other aspects of business.

Student interns are responsible for their project from start to finish during their internship and the immediate company supervisor provide feedback on the intern's overall results, deliverables, and skills in relation to the task, project goals, and leadership principles.

Corporate provides interns with several opportunities to contribute to the potential development of customers. Inventing can be chaotic — we recognize that there is something we can do better and are energized by the many possibilities that lie ahead. As a result, corporations provide each intern with a mentor and a manager who will work to ensure their success and career advancement. These partners will advise on initiatives, provide input on critical deliverables, and work to eliminate roadblocks. Some of our most senior leaders began their careers as interns, and we rely heavily on this initiative to identify new talent.


We empower students to take full ownership over their work, which is why we ask corporates to provide a variety of self-service resources to help students meet their goals and learn from one another. During an internship, student is exposed for formal classroom trainings and self-service offerings. These materials help with things like managing experiences, analyzing data, problem solving, writing narrative documents, and working backwards from the customer to the end goal. In addition to projects, interns are provided with many opportunities to develop personal and professional networks by taking part in social events, diving into workshops.


We empower students to take full ownership of their work, which is why we ask industry partners to include a range of self-service resources to assist students in meeting their goals and learning from one another. Internships introduce students to both formal classroom instruction and self-service offerings.

These materials assist in experience management, data analysis, problem solving, narrative paper writing, and working backwards from the customer to the end target. Apart from assignments, interns are given numerous opportunities to expand their personal and professional networks by participation in social activities and workshops.

Placement Process

Placement is a strenuous process that exposes students to rigorous academic and corporate environments. At IAMR, the placement process begins in September every year. The institution brings companies with good profiles based on students’ intellect and skills-set. The students are recruited by various good companies who become brand ambassador of IAMR in the corporate world in the coming years.

The Placement Office assists students in exploring job opportunities and alternative career vaenues. Additionally, it assists students with career preparation by counseling, in which they collect knowledge about their preferences, aptitudes, and abilities in order to make more informed career choices. The Placement Office also focuses on the students' career development by educating them in employability skills such as resume writing, group discussion, and interviewing, which enables students to transition into preferred occupations and/or apply to prestigious postgraduate and professional schools.

The Placement Office takes the initiative to introduce graduates and postgraduates to new job opportunities through visits to new companies and sectors. Each year, campus recruiting events are held. The selection process is typically initiated with a pre-placement talk in which a firm/organization provides students with information about the business, work description, career path, and CTC, accompanied by the actual selection process, which may include a written exam, group discussion, or interview. IAMR's state-of-the-art facilities contribute to a positive campus recruiting experience. Additionally, student placement representatives from each class are available to assist throughtout the selection process.

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